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Traffic offence solicitors

Our road traffic offence solicitors have a 90% win rate, making Ross Coates Solicitors your first choice for legal help.

If the police accuse you of a driving offence committed anywhere in England and Wales, we can represent you.

Whether you’re accused of speeding, drink-driving, failing to furnish driver details or driving with no insurance, we can defend you successfully.

With our help, you’ll have a better chance of winning your case, keeping your licence and staying out on the road – something that’s vital for your family and probably your job.

Even in cases where disqualification is inevitable, with our help, you might get your disqualification period reduced, getting you back on the road sooner than expected.

Call our expert Anup Chakravorty today on 01473 244 436 for a fast consultation.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide legal aid funding for motoring-related offences. However, we aim to keep your costs as low as we can.


Notice of intended prosecution

It’s time to contact expert traffic offence lawyers if you receive notice of intended prosecution or if the police contact you any other way. It’s important to speak to Ross Coates Solicitors early for the best chance of reaching a satisfactory outcome.

For example, alternatives to prosecution, such as driver awareness courses, may not be an option once a court date is set.


Personable and reliable traffic offence lawyers

Being accused of road traffic offences can be stressful, especially if it means your employment is at risk.

Ross Coates Solicitors takes a personable approach with all clients, offering them the level of service that they would like to receive themselves.

Contact us as soon as you can to establish your chance of success and whether we can help you achieve it.