Fast and efficient conveyancing solicitors

Having a good solicitor will make your first-time property purchase or your house move go smoothly and quickly.

Ross Coates Solicitors offers a fast and efficient house conveyancing service, and our experience and knowledge allow us to keep our fees low, giving you tremendous value for money.

Whether you’re dipping your feet into the property market for the first time, selling up and moving elsewhere, buying additional property or re-mortgaging, our team is your ideal partner.

Contact us today, and if you need a transaction pushed through quickly, then our team led by partner Ross Coates  is ready to act.


Transparent and reliable

Ross Coates was a pioneer in quoting a fee for conveyancing in Ipswich upfront, rather than billing per hour. It means our clients know what they’ll be expected to pay and there are no nasty surprises.

Being transparent does not end with the fee. We understand the legal aspect of buying a home or moving can be confusing, so we like to guide our clients every step of the way.

What is property conveyancing?

Conveyancing deals with the legal transfer of a property from a seller to you as the buyer. From the moment your offer price is accepted to the exciting day when you get the keys to your new home, conveyancing solicitors act on your behalf.


Here’s the basic conveyancing process:

  • We’ll draw up a contract with you, setting out our services and costs
  • We contact the seller’s solicitors to request a draft property sale contract, the property title and various legal forms
  • If anything looks out of place, we raise queries until we are satisfied all is in order
  • You might also receive items to go through, such as your prospective home’s remaining fixtures and fittings
  • We carry out additional legal and property searches to ensure there is nothing to concern you or your mortgage company. Searches may include the following
  • Local authority searches to check for future development, footpaths, common land and the like
  • Checking the title register with the Land Registry
  • Flood risk
  • Water authority and environmental search
  • Chancel repair search
  • Additional searches such as if you’re in a mining area (not known to be relevant to Suffolk!)
  • Meanwhile, you arrange your mortgage. We receive the offer and check through any relevant conditions
  • There will be a mortgage valuation to ensure the new property is worth the loan
  • You may need a further building survey for your own or mortgage company’s satisfaction
  • You arrange building insurance
  • Once all inquiries are satisfied, we’ll exchange contracts and arrange a completion date with your seller’s solicitors (usually up to four weeks)
  • You arrange to transfer your property deposit to us, and we lodge your interest in the property, effectively locking down the deeds until completion
  • Completion day! Usually, this happens around midday, and you can then collect the keys to your new home
  • We’ll pay any Stamp Duty on your behalf
  • We forward your legal pack about three weeks after completion and send copies of your title deeds to your mortgage lender


As you’ll see, there are a lot of steps involved in conveyancing matters. But, with a reliable and efficient firm of Ipswich lawyers like Ross Coates Solicitors working for you, you can be confident you’re in good hands.

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Commercial property solicitor in Ipswich

Ross Coates Solicitors is also highly experienced in commercial property transactions, ranging from buying, selling or arranging lease agreements.

We offer up to 30 minutes of free advice and are happy to provide a full quote.