Court of Protection Services

One of the most difficult and stressful times is coping with a close relative who is suffering with a debilitating mental impairment such as dementia which, with an ever increasing elderly population, is becoming increasingly commonplace.

For most people this difficult emotional situation is often made easier by people making provisions such as Enduring or Lasting Powers of Attorney before the lasting effects of a debilitating mental illness take effect.

Unfortunately for some people their relative, for whatever reason, was unable to enter into such an arrangement before it became too late, the question their close relatives and carers then face is, what do I do about their affairs now?

The answer for a lot of people is to approach the Court of Protection which will make a decision on behalf of the person who lacks capacity to make the decision for themselves. This may involve the appointment of a Deputy to take over the persons property and financial affairs or by making decisions to allow a sale of their property to proceed, while keeping as it’s aim the best interests of the person who can’t make these important decision on their own.

Our Private Client Services offers a wide range of assistance with Court of Protection cases including:

  • Applications to appoint a Deputy;
  • Statutory Wills;
  • Replacement of Trustees;
  • Contested LPA Registrations;
  • Fast Track applications;
  • Assisted Living Tenancy Approval Applications;
  • Health and Welfare Applications; and
  • Contested Court of Protection applications.

If you think you need some professional assistance with these or any other legal issues following from a mental incapacity or if your not sure if the Court of Protection is the right course of action please contact Stephen Boughton on 01473 621800 or and we’ll happy to help.