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Lockdown cancellations

Have you been charged for events that have been cancelled as a result of the outbreak? In the vast majority of cases this is actually unlawful.

During the Coronavirus lockdown some people had plans such as holidays, weddings or events booked that were not able to proceed due to the government imposed lockdown. Faced with suddenly having no income and no prospect of any income, many firms then told people that their booking had been cancelled, and that they would not be refunding them the money and that they could claim from their insurance but wouldn't be refunded the money.

However, in many cases you are legally entitled to a complete refund if the event is unable to proceed as a result of the lockdown. If you are having trouble getting this, then we can help.

To help, we would need to see the following:-

  • The contract that you entered into.
  • The company's terms and conditions.

We will check that you are legally entitled to a refund, and for £100 + VAT we will then send a letter to the offending firm from one of our Solicitors explaining the company's legal obligations under the circumstances and demanding that they obey the law. The vast majority of companies who have your money think they are in a very strong position, and that you can do little about it.

When they have a formal letter from a Solicitor sitting on their desk explaining precisely how they have broken the law and pointing out that they can either rebook your event for a later date, refund you now or be forced to do so by a court order (running the risk of substantial reputational damage from the negative publicity that may be generated by media coverage of a court case) then most reasonable companies will apologise and obey the law.

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